How I Published My Knowledge Base Online for Free

Publishing online consists of three main points:

  1. Writing the content
  2. Build the website
  3. Hosting it online

Writing the Content

Since I prefer writing my notes in Markdown syntax, I use Obsidian as my knowledge base writing tool. It is an offline tool that is available for most of the OSes, which makes it convenient to be used by all of my devices.

Building the Website

I am not into building websites. Especially, that my needs are simple.

Moving into that direction, I decided to look for open-source, ready-made, and have most of Obsidian's features like Interactive Graph, Backlinks, and Page previews.

Obsidian's popularity made the search an easy task, and I found many and reviewed the most interesting ones. But I decided to proceed with Digital Garden.

The steps to configure the plugin are explained here.

Hosting it Online

Since my objective is to host for free, and my knowledge base is a static site, then I looked into three options, Netlify, GitHub pages, and Cloudflare Pages. I proceeded with Cloudflare pages for convenience, stability, and free security.

I have a step-by-step guide here that elaborates on: